Eye Contact Vision Center offers all the accessories you need such as eyewear cases, eyeglass chains, and cleaning products to make wearing and caring for your glasses easy and simple.


Ready-Made Readers:
Practical and fashionable with our wide selection of colors, frames and styles. Ready-Made Readers lenses are scratch resistant and stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. These readers are great for emergencies. Please keep in mind that they do not take the place of a pair of reading glasses that are custom made for you.


Lens Cleaner:
Tough enough to clean the dirtiest grime, Lens Cleaner solution is safe for all lens coatings and won’t streak. Ask for your free bottle of lens cleaner when you pick up your glasses. Always keep a spare on hand!


Cleaning Cloths:
Easy to use over and over, Cleaning Clothes are safe and convenient with or without cleaning solution. They come in a variety of colors, solids and prints. They do not leave a residue.


Care Kits:
Care Kits come with a towel and solution and are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and are an easy cleaning option when you are on the run.


Disposable Towlettes:
Pre-moistened towelettes give you the convenience of a lens cloth and cleaner all in one. When you are done, toss it in the trash.


Eyeglass Cases:
Besides being the ultimate accessory for your glasses, our Eyeglass Cases come in a variety of shapes, colors and fabrics. They also protect against dirt, scratching and breakage.


Cords: (AKA Sport Eyeglass Holders)
Cords are practical and stylish too. Our Cords come in a variety of colors and materials including cotton, leather and nylon to keep your hands free.


Chains: (AKA Jewelry Eyeglass Holders)
Chains hold your glasses around your neck when not in use. They are fashionable, trendy and come in a wide selection of designs.


Visor Clips:
A quick and easy way to store your glasses, Visor Clips attach to your car visor, belt, backpack or notebook for a quick reach when you are in a hurry.


Generic Clip-ons: (AKA Sun Clip-ons)
With Sun Clip-Ons, your favorite glasses can be your favorite sunglasses. They are easy, quick, convenient, and provide valuable sun protection.