eycare-equipmentMillennium Eye Care is a full service independent LLC that provides total eye care at Eye Contact Vision Center and Ferry Street Optical.

Millennium Eye Care’s staff also associates with a top ophthalmologist as well as Doctors of Optometry.

These friendly knowledgeable doctors are well trained in:

  • Refraction for glasses and contacts
  • Detection and treatment of diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and foreign body removal.
  • Treatment of eye infections.
  • Affiliated with surgeons whom perform laser vision correction

Annual Eye Exams. Of all the things you can do you for the health of your eyes, nothing is more important than an annual eye exam. Besides helping you maintain the best vision possible, eye exams can help detect and treat a number of eye ailments before they turn into something much more serious. They can even alert you to general health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. That’s why we strongly encourage you to keep up with a regular schedule of eye exams, especially if your family has a history of eye or other health problems. If you like, we’ll gladly send you periodic reminders so that you can stay on a regular schedule of essential eye exams.